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Scenic tickets

Peak season ticket Adult pass: 110 yuan / piece

A. Free policy: Children under 1.2 meters in height, children under 6 years old, elderly people over 65 years old, press card issued by the General Administration of Communications, military officer card, and disabled persons with free valid documents.

B. Preferential policies: Residents near Mianshan enjoy different degrees of discount with their ID cards

C. Preferential policies: Age 6 years old - 18 years old minors, students, 60-64 years old and older people can enjoy 50% off the ticket listing price with relevant valid documents.

Travel information

Taiyuan direction: Approximately 10 kilometers from the south of the Dayun Expressway to the Lingshi exit.

Xi'an direction: about 10 kilometers along the Xiqiao Expressway from the Longmen Bridge of the Yellow River to the Houyi Expressway to the north of the Dayun Expressway to the exit of Lingshi.