Mianshan best day tour route

Mianshan is located in the Yin of fenhe river, 20 kilometers away from jiexiu city, across jiexiu, lingshi, qinyuan three cities and counties, the highest elevation of 2566.6 meters, relative height of more than 1000 meters, is taiyue mountain (huoshan) north extension of a branch. Mianshan, also known as meshan, is 20 kilometers southeast of jiexiu city. The mountain is steep, with many cliffs, pines and cypresses. The natural scenery is very beautiful. Mianshan's landscape is very much, there are baiyunan, light rock temple, temple of clouds, dizang temple, shigu temple, longwang temple, bailong, table, chessboard stone, wulong tomb, shishengya and so on. There is also an iron pot of water with a diameter of 1 meter. The water flows in from the cliff and is full but not over. The south of the spring has a "zigzag" stone grade, line 500 meters, that is, to the deep valley at the bottom of the ditch, and "stone hole water" and the surrounding mountains, strange trees and flowers set each other, people enjoy.

Mian mountain terrain is dangerous, has always been the war. At the end of the sui dynasty and the beginning of the tang dynasty, li shimin once defeated song kong in the valley of the mouse under the mountain. One hundred and twenty times "water margin" left tian hu led the peasant rebels and officers and soldiers against the story.

Mianshan also records the southern song dynasty, li wugong, li shi led the rebellion against the invasion of the jin. At the end of the Ming dynasty, general wu of taiyuan also recovered the lost territory by relying on the mian mountain. At the beginning of the war of resistance, general feng yuxiang fang zhenwu department in mianshan held a shocked anti - Japanese oath. Jiexiu county magistrate after Zhang De ham and XiMengHui ombudsman Li Zhimin in continous mountain form the anti-japanese democratic government, insist on a long guerrilla warfare behind the enemy lines. Mianshan mountain is more than other famous mountains "can hide ten thousand armour" and patriotism of the special scenery line.

Arrival and departure:

Jiexiu city bus 12, the first 7 o 'clock, the last 17 o 'clock, the hour departure, ticket price 5 yuan/person. At the same time the scenic area has a direct tour bus ticket office, frequent departure, ticket price of 10 yuan. Internal transportation: jiexiu each scenic spot has the scenic spot transfer point, may follow along. Specific stations are: starting station - dragon head temple - daluo palace - a bucket of springs - zhujiaao - yunfeng temple - zhengguo temple - qixian valley - shuitao ditch

Matters needing attention

Above all you had better be to go to mian shan in the morning, in the word that lie between rest had better live in railroad station nearby, the next day early in the morning go to railroad station, there is the bus that goes to mian shan directly, ticket price is unified. When you go to save money, you'd better take something to eat, or you can not take, there is a place to eat on the mountain, the price is ok,

The bus goes straight to the foot of mianshan mountain, and when you get off the bus, you can see mianshan mountain. And then take the bus into the scenic spot of scenic spots, so you can go everywhere, see favorite spots can get off the bus, preferably in accordance with the order, we had is to sit in the end, the car would you like to eat something to get something to eat, the scenic spot are sold earlier, don't want to eat, you can start your tour, really don't know what is around and people go. If you want to go to another scenic spot, go to the bus to wait for the bus...

Come out mian shan hui jiexiu you can choose to take the bus, but to wait. Can also sit in the roadside taxi, he pulled a full go, remember to haggle.


Morning tour of mianshan:

Set as early as 6:30 taiyuan wuyi square, a tourist coach, to the ancient magic 】 【 jiexiu continous mountain (drive about 130 kilometers, about 3.5 hours), reach the continous mountain into the mountain pass change to the scenic area, green tour bus tour before the mountain - yunfeng temple (about 1.5 hours), here you can taste cotton: quiet mountain air hanging bell, package bone to look like, existing ridge. Yunfeng temple can go straight through - embrace belly rock, view mianshan embrace belly rock uncanny natural carving. Afterwards, I visited the daluo palace, which is known as the potala palace in north China (the tour time is about 1.5 hours). After the tour, I took an environmentally-friendly car to use Chinese food in the scenic area of taogou.

Day trip to mianshan in the afternoon:

After the lunch, visit shuitao ditch, the most essential scenic spot of mianshan mountain, which is called "little nine villages" (tour time is about 3 hours), watch the double dragon play beads, five dragon peak and waterfalls, and breathe the natural oxygen provided by nature. Round trip to taiyuan by bus at about 16 PM, ending the pleasant journey.