Mianshan, also known as mianshan, because the spring and autumn of the jin state doctor jie zituigong lu hidden trace was burned, become the most ancient memorial festival of the Chinese nation -- the birthplace of the qingming festival cold food, is one of the mountains of Chinese history and culture.

Continous mountain total area of 294.75 square kilometers, is now developing tourist area of m2 54 kilometers, it integrates scenery, cultural relics sites, Buddha temple, revolutionary relics Yu Yishan, is A "no peak is not strange, no water will not show, no hole is not deep and remote, no temple is not ancient, not scene", published in 1987 in Shanxi Province is the first one of the six major scenic spots, national 5 A level scenic spots.

Since 1995, sanjia group took the lead in developing mianshan with private capital, which restored the former glory of mianshan, which had been repeatedly burned and destroyed by soldiers in China's modern history. Quickly become shanxi and even the country's famous tourist attractions. In order to make tourists fully understand the twists and turns of the development of mianshan, a brief introduction is given as follows:

Sanjia group was founded by chairman yan jian in 1983 by borrowing 700 yuan and renting 40 mu of saline and alkaline wasteland. Under the guidance of the policy of reform and opening up, it has developed into a large-scale modern enterprise with a total assets of 900 million yuan and more than 5,000 employees by 1995. The company has been awarded by the provincial government "provincial best benefit township enterprises", awarded by the ministry of agriculture and the ministry of foreign trade and economic cooperation "national advanced export foreign exchange earning", awarded by the state environmental protection bureau as "advanced environmental protection enterprises" and so on.

After entering last century 90 time, Shanxi Province began to adjust industrial structure big discussion. At that time, jiexiu city became one of the top ten counties and cities in the province, and also became a heavily polluted area. Therefore, the municipal party committee and government took mianshan development as the top priority. Call for people of insight to invest in the development of mianshan tourism.

At this time, comrade yan jianzhi has grown into an excellent modern entrepreneur by an ordinary farmer. His thoughts on enterprise management have been raised to the higher and deeper goal of how to adapt to the national industrial policy, ensure the sustainable development of enterprises, and make greater contributions to the country for the people. Therefore, after repeated investigation and demonstration, he came up with the idea of developing mianshan tourism. This caused a lot of discussion at that time. He patiently explained to the staff and workers of the company, "the more coking coal is dug, the more heavy the pollution is. The company wants to develop continuously, the worker wants to have a meal to eat permanently, want to look for a long-term industry. With the development of national economy and the improvement of people's life, tourism is sure to flourish in a few years. There is no mistake in investing in the development of mianshan tourism. The fact that the company has developed for more than ten years makes people firmly believe the boss's decision once again: he founded the first coking plant in jiexiu, the first to introduce pingxiang furnace to produce improved coke, the first to open an account in the railway, the first to establish a sino-foreign joint venture, the first to develop clean coke oven and so on. After the company reached consensus, he made the decision to develop mianshan with private capital without precedent in the whole province or even the whole country.

This one decision, got at that time jiexiu municipal party committee, municipal government main leader's full force support. On July 14, 1997, jiexiu municipal government made the notice on accelerating the development of mianshan tourist scenic spot, and on July 27, 1998, municipal party committee and municipal government made the decision on the development and construction of mianshan tourist scenic spot. On November 20, 1998, jiexiu municipal people's congress standing committee made the resolution on accelerating the development and construction of jiexiu mianshan scenic spot. These documents determined that "the natural and cultural landscape of mianshan scenic area are national resources, all belong to the state" and "who invests, who manages, who benefits" principles, and formulated a series of preferential policies, to ensure the development of mianshan in accordance with the law and orderly. In the following ten years, the development of mianshan was supported and affirmed by the leaders of shanxi, jinzhong and jiexiu. In 2001, shanxi provincial committee of the communist party of China and shanxi provincial government further promoted the adjustment of economic structure and implemented the 1311 plan. The document of jinfat 2001 (no. 28) listed mianshan as one of the ten key tourist attractions supported and developed by the whole province, making mianshan enter the period of rapid development.

Practice makes us realize deeply: continous mountain successful development is both the party's reform and opening up policy guidance, the result of the support, the party committees and governments at all levels and three beautiful group Yan Jiying, chairman of the old communist party member's political accountability and the combination of the advanced consciousness of modern entrepreneur, arguably the greatest era ", geographical and human conditions "the history of the inevitable.