Mianshan mountain scenic spot is a national AAAAA class tourist scenic spot, Shanxi Province key scenic spot, the birthplace of Chinese qingming festival (cold food festival), China cold food qingming cultural research center, China cold food qingming cultural museum. Mianshan scenic area across jiexiu, lingshi, qinyuan three city county boundary, the highest elevation of 2560 meters, is a branch of the taiyue mountain.

Mianshan originated in the spring and autumn period when jie zitui of the state of jin and his mother were burned in seclusion on the mountain, so mianshan is also known as meshan. Mianshan had temple architecture as early as the northern wei dynasty, and had a considerable scale of buddhist zen forest in the early tang dynasty. Mianshan mountain scenery and historic interest area's archaize architectural complex style diversity, from the architectural Angle to analyze, mianshan archaize architectural already take the long of the previous generation's building, plus the designer and the builder's modern creativity, collect the Chinese ancient and modern essence, formed the modern archaize building's unique style.

In the mianshan mianshan scenic area, religious buildings have temples and palaces; Garden architecture pavilion, Taiwan, floor, pavilion, porch, corridor, pavilion, archway; The ancient relic building has the ancient gate, the city, the camp and so on, may for the ancient architecture museum (garden). Mianshan scenic area has 14 major scenic spots, more than 360 small scenic spots: cultural landscape: leading temple, dragon ridge, li guyan, hives spring, daluo palace, tianqiao, a bucket of springs, zhujiaao, yunfeng temple, zhengguo temple, jie gongling; Natural landscape: qixian valley, ancient rattan valley, water tao ditch.