The highest temperature of shuitaogou is no more than 29 degrees all year round, and the air is particularly fresh. The content of negative oxygen ions per square meter is more than 15,000, so it has the name of natural oxygen bar. Shuitao ditch not only developed water system, for the northern mountains and rivers landscape a unique, both the southern water color beautiful side, and do not lose the northern mountains and rivers magnificent atmosphere.

Water tao ditch water system, the most peculiar is "ten miles gallery, cascade view." A turbulent ten li river system, the size of the waterfall nearly a hundred places, layer upon layer of overlap and down, as if the silver silk kept shaking, forming a cascade of cascade waterfall band. The maximum drop of shuitaogou waterfall is over 80 meters. The largest flow of water for the curtain hole, really that is step by step jing, jingjing a little, known as the "northern small jiuzhaigou" reputation.

Shuitao ditch is not only beautiful natural landscape, famous people elegant cliff stone carvings all over the mountains and rocks, so that visitors can experience the feeling of poetry and painting